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La Casa Nostra Trattoria - Limonest, France

La Casa Nostra is an Italian canteen in Limonest on the doorstep of Lyon.

In the heart of the town, at the corner of the main square and the Main Street, it's easy to locate.

The aficionados are slowly at lunchtime and soon every table is taken. Everyone has its own comment and dish recommendations but all agree that "the food is always good anyway". Everyone is quite chatty, both with their own table and across tables. There is definitely somewhat of a home atmosphere at La Casa Nostra. It seems that everyone is meeting here, all ages and occupations from students with parents, to colleagues. Service is quick and efficient, ideal for lunchtime.

Italian-inspired cuisine, reasonable prices, quick service.

Dogs welcome.


Casa Nostra

5 Place Decurel

69760 Limonest

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