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La Conserverie, Toulouse - Travel with your taste buds

Are we in a Japanese? That's what I asked myself when I saw the hors d'oeuvre being dressed on the counter. I thought I was having dinner in a typical French restaurant, but those who know me will have guessed that I was over the moon when I saw that.

Our waiter drops a square wooden dish in front of us with a mises en bouche assortment. It sounds French but looks and is infused with Japanese flavours and techniques. Having several kilos of miso pastes, nori, katsuobushi, sakes, and other asian fungi in between the duck and scallops in my kitchen, I feel at home straight away - it's going to be a good night and a delicious meal!

It's difficult to define La Conserverie as the menu changes once a month. What I know for sure is that it definitely a place I can share and recommend as it is a place for us, like us. A small welcoming restaurant, an amazing collection of wines and spirits, a team of passionate professionals who feels proud and can dress plates in front of the customers, the will and pleasure to share good things and knowledge.

The dishes, plates and other utensils are exquisite AND hand made by the chef. A self-taught chef who is not without reminding us of Heston with touches of Pic's taste for Japanese spices, aesthetics, flavours and cooking techniques, with a definite masculine approach. A Japanese - South West French fusion which reminds us of the Lyon-Japan fusion of Takao Takano.

Many thanks to the team who allowed us to travel back to Japan for a few hours. A real sensory journey in eight stops, full of flavours, textures and technique.


La Conserverie

16 Grande Rue de Nazareth

Toulouse, France

Single menu - Changes every month

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